Weekly Luncheon Program

Senior couple holding hands, close-up

As part of the extended services offered by Heafey-Hoffmann-Dworak-Cutler Mortuaries, we invite you to dine with us every Wednesday beginning at around 11:30 a.m. at Garden Café in Rockbrook – 11040 Oak Street.

The Garden Cafe is currently closed to the public but is serving large scheduled groups.  They ask that you enter in the West side at the Party Room door.

Maybe you just need to “get out of the house.” This luncheon is for anyone who has lost their spouse. Many people don’t feel like cooking and miss the company of their spouse. Come dine with others who understand. You don’t have to eat alone.

This is not a club or organization. There are no dues. Everyone pays for their own lunch. Please stop by if you can and enjoy the conversation and companionship of others.

I will be there as the Director of our Aftercare Program. We always have some tables reserved and I will be there to dine with you each week. Just ask the host for the “Heafey” tables. Others there would love to meet you!

Hope to see you on a Wednesday sometime !

Sharon Zehnder, Aftercare Services