David “Shane” Quinze

David “Shane” Quinze

April 2, 1970 – January 30, 2022

David Shane Quinze was born April 2, 1970 in Omaha, Nebraska to David Quinze and Marilyn Kreitler. Shane passed away on January 30, 2022. He is survived by both parents; two sisters, Tiffany (Brian) Nolan and Mary (Jason) Martinez. He leaves behind seven adoring nieces and nephews: Myesha, Nakyla, Alyssa, Michael, and Mathew Nolan; and Emily Renkenberger and Michael Martinez.  He was preceded in death by his Godfather and Uncle Ben “Sonny” Quinze; paternal grandparents, Ben and Dorothy Quinze; and maternal grandparents, Wallace and Lou Shelton and Wanda Wright.

We are certain that Shane stormed the gates of heaven ready to tell all sorts of inappropriate jokes. It is our earnest hope that he and his Uncle Sonny were happily reunited and sharing loads of laughs and that he finally got to meet his musical idol, Eddie Van Halen.

Shane grew up in Omaha, attending St. Thomas More Catholic School and Ralston High School. He was active in youth athletics and continued life-long friendships established during his early years. He maintained long friendships with colleagues from his work, Guitars and Cadillacs and Casey’s General Store. Shane valued family and friends above all others.

Shane was endlessly hilarious, the definition of a smart-ass, and a devoted son, brother, and Uncle. He was the ultimate joke-teller and his humor will live on in those he loved. Honestly, most of the time the thing that made the jokes that much more funny was the way he told them. His mannerisms, voice, and comedic timing were well known. Shane cracked himself up with his own jokes and you often found yourself joining him because his laugh was that contagious. He thoroughly enjoyed regaling his nieces and nephews with jokes – especially ones that might include slightly naughty words that they got away with saying because “Uncle Shane told us, Mom!”

Shane didn’t have an enemy and didn’t know a stranger. Once you were his friend, you were his friend for life. He had the biggest heart – if he had something to give you, it would be yours. We hope to carry on his generosity and loving attitude.  It was impossible to stay mad at Shane. No matter how hard you tried, he inevitably made you laugh. Even now, as angry as we are at him for leaving us far too soon, we find ourselves sharing stories that make us chuckle or say “remember when?” It is our firm belief that his humor likely saved him a few times as Shane was the instigator of more than his fair share of shenanigans. “Damn it, Shane” was not an uncommon phrase in our house.

He was a fiercely protective older brother who was not above throwing snowballs at kindergartners if it meant his little sister was safe, or having the “talk” with potential boyfriends. His nieces and nephews were his world. He was a confidant, our cheerleader, and the giver of all the bear hugs.

It’s hard to comprehend that we now live in a world without our son, big brother, or favorite Uncle. Shane, we love you and will miss you all of the days, you Son of Abyss. We hope that Big Daddy, Junior, and the Spook (IYKYK) welcomed you with open arms.


The family will receive visitors at 1:00 p.m. on Saturday, April 2, 2022 at the West Center Chapel, followed by MEMORIAL SERVICE at 2:00 p.m.

The family invites all those who knew Shane to join them at Varsity Sports Bar (9735 Q St) at 7pm on Saturday to share memories and enjoy a final drink in honor of Shane. Food will be provided. In memory of Shane, attendees are encouraged to wear Van Halen t-shirts or shirts of their favorite band.

To view a live broadcast of the Memorial Service, please go to www.heafeyheafey.com and click the “View Live Cast” button on the home page.



  • Glenda O Ward Posted March 27, 2022 9:25 pm

    The First time I met Shane, was when I went in for an Interview at “CASEY’s. After my interview, HE walked over to me as I was sitting at a table, he sat Down, & said to me “I’M CASEY!”..LOL. I believed him. For the first 2 day’s I called him “CASEY!”,,..Until, Co-worker’s told me, HE ‘S NOT CASEY!”… What a Dumby I felt like. lmao, that was SHANE. We became close freinds. I Love him like a brother.

  • Glenda Ward Posted March 27, 2022 9:33 pm

    I remember, giving him rides to & from work. I once picked him up for work &&&, His Large body in my LIL’ Hyundai, his Knee was touching my Shifter, & when I went to shift, HE Exclaimed, YOU TOUCHED MY KNEE!…He went around work telling everyon, that I touched his Leg.! Of course, it was a Joke. Thats just how he IS!…lol..LOVE HIM. MISS HIM.

  • Sheryl KANGER Posted March 28, 2022 6:45 am

    It wasn’t too long ago you reached out to me to insist on putting together a grade school reunion. If it weren’t for your effort and love of friends we wouldn’t have been able to make it happen. Because of you, we had a great time and many classmates were able to rekindle dormant friendships. Thank you my friend for the many years of kindness. You will be missed.

  • John Stella Posted April 3, 2022 9:47 am

    Sorry I wasn’t able to attend. Prayers and love to all. I’ll never forget the friendship we had. He was the reason some things in my life are they wat they are. He was one of kind. So sorry for your loss

  • Dolan Posted April 14, 2022 10:39 pm

    Shane and I worked together at Casey’s and he was one of my favorites. He was a pain in the butt sonetimes, but he always brightened the room. We were once neighbors and I would walk over and have a drink or 2 (vodka and Powerade LOL) after work sometimes and he would usually turn on some Van Halen. After I quit Casey’s, I would go out of my way to go there hoping he was working, When he was, the questions were always the same. “How’s the wife? How’s the dogs?” Followed by some joke of course! We have banned a few people together at Casey’s, joked a ton, and even went to a concert together. I will miss you, buddy. I have so many memories with you that I will take with me for the rest of my life. Sorry we never got to go hit up Ralston Keno together like you always wanted to. I’ll never look at that Casey’s or Apt Complex the same. Fly high big guy. You will be missed, but never forgotten.

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