Don G. Plambeck

Don G. Plambeck

November 30, 1930 – April 7, 2024

Born in Millard, Nebraska, on November 30, 1930, Don Plambeck was raised by his parents Claus and Gladys Plambeck, who lived on the family farm 4.5 miles between Millard and Gretna, Nebraska.

Don’s first name was derived from “Donahoo”, his mother’s maiden name. Don was an only child who was greatly loved and doted on by his grandpa, George Plambeck, who was an excellent farmer and businessman. Don attended Sunnydale school located a mile away and helped his father with chores after school until heading off to college in Long Beach, California.

While he enjoyed Southern California living, it was cut short when Don’s father died of a brain tumor at age 48, bringing him back to the farm in Nebraska. Once home, Don managed the family farm, worked full-time as a lamb buyer for Swift and Company, and was introduced to his future wife, LaVonne Kopecky, by an aunt and her husband, who was one of his dad’s best friends.

A couple of years after starting their family, Don was laid off and considered working for his employer in Oklahoma. After deliberation, Don and LaVonne chose to remain on the farm close to their extended family. Over the following years, Don expanded his crop and livestock operation to include raising as many as 500 purebred Spotted Poland China hogs at a time, showing some of these hogs at Iowa and Nebraska State Fairs. Socially, Don and his wife enjoyed dining out, dancing, going to church, playing bridge and getting together with his wife’s many relatives. Don was also a lifelong fan of the Nebraska Cornhuskers and UNL Women’s Basketball.

The 1970’s and 80’s were especially tough for America’s small farmers; most struggled to remain on their family farms…Don’s family included. Fortunately, desperation gave birth to inspiration and Don developed 20 of his farm acres into a light industrial park which successfully kept the farm afloat until it was sold for development in the early 2000’s.

After retiring from farming, Don opened Don’s Coins & Jewelry, as a hobby near the Bohemian Cafe – most likely influenced by his wife’s Czech ethnicity. This “hobby” extended into a 6 day a week activity which he enjoyed until he retired at age 89. Don’s guiding business practice was, “I always treat the customer the way I want to be treated.” He treated his customers well.

A month prior to the onset of Covid-19, Don and LaVonne moved to an independent living center where they enjoyed the company of many Millard old-timers. After LaVonne passed away in April 2021, Don chose to remain in their beautiful apartment: reading the entire Bible, reciting passages from The Old Man and the Sea and enjoying some balcony gardening. In his final years, Don lived in a loving, small group home that offered a family atmosphere that felt just right for him.

His family thanks everyone that knew and loved him.

Don G. Plambeck, age 93, peacefully passed away on Sunday, April 7, 2024. Don is survived by his daughters, Pamela and Patrice Plambeck.

A graveside service will be held on Friday, April 12, 2024, at 11 a.m., at Mt. Auburn Cemetery, 186th and Q St.

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