Heafey Support Groups

“A learning and sharing series for you who grieve the death of someone you love.”



For the safety and  concern of all the families are in contact with, our support groups will not be meeting in person furing the month of April.  We will update you as the month progresses as to the status of our groups.  We are glad to set up phone calls, video calls, or through social media apps to connect with you during these times.  Please feel free to reach out to us for questions and concerns.  Thank you and be safe.



support_groupsThe death of someone you love can cause a series of emotional and physical reactions which can be bewildering and frightening. It is like “Walking Through The Valley Of Darkness.” Finding people who understand your grief reactions and allow you to express them openly is vital. Having information about the grief process can help you know that you are on the right path.

This series can help you through parts of your Valley of Darkness. It won’t answer all of your needs, nor will you be finished with your grief when you have completed the sessions. Healing a loss takes time, but knowing how to allow the healing to take place also helps.

Support Group Meeting Times