Monthly Support Groups

Sunday Night Grief Support Group

The Sunday Night Aftercare Grief Support Group, sponsored by Heafey Hoffmann Dworak & Cutler Mortuaries, generally meets the 2nd Sunday of each month (*for exceptions, see actual dates below), from 6:00 – 7:00 PM at Heafey Mortuary, 7805 W. Center Road.  Check our monthly newsletter for possible date changes, or call Nancy Nilsson, Aftercare Director, at 402-391-3900.

For those grieving the loss of a loved one, this group provides the opportunity to receive help and encouragement in the company of others going through a similar experience.  The evening consists of a facilitator-led topic on grief education and practical help. There is often discussion in the larger group, as well as smaller breakout groups. Anyone from among your adult family, friends and neighbors is welcome to join us. There is no reservation required, no fee, and you may attend once…or as many times as you wish going forward. (Please note that having used our mortuary is not a requirement for attending the Aftercare groups.)


                    2023 DATES AND TOPICS


January 8                SCHOOL OF GRIEF

February 12             LONELINESS & TEARS

March 12                  ATTITUDE & HUMOR

*April 16                   HERE COMES SPRING: NEW BEGINNINGS   

*May 21                    FACING OUR FEARS

June 11                       REGRET, RELIEF, & GUILT

July 9                         WHERE DID THAT COME FROM?

August 13                  YOUR NEW HOME

September 10           A SUSTAINABLE FUTURE

October 8                  MASKS WE WEAR

November 13            HOLIDAY COPING

December 11             ANNIVERSARIES OF ALL SORTS