Plan Ahead

Plan for the Inevitable

Most of us spend some portion of our lives planning different events such as weddings, graduation parties, birthday parties, vacations,and retirement parties. Today, many families are also finding a tremendous value in the many benefits that pre-planning cemetery and funeral arrangements provides.

  • Pre-planning provides peace of mind knowing these arrangments have been made in advance.
  • Pre-planning avoids the burden on family members to make decisions during a very emotional time.
  • Pre-planning helps the family avoid bank loans, arranging finance plans, raiding savings or selling assets to pay for a funeral and burial.
  • Pre-planning guarantees that if products and services currently purchased are not available in the future, equivalent substitutes will be provided at no additional cost.
  • Pre-planning locks in guaranteed prices.
  • Pre-planning allows for inflation in future costs (for those contracts that do not guarantee prices) by investing money in interest bearing accounts or buying life insurance that increases in value over time.
  • Pre-planning will allow for transfer to another funeral home or cemetery.