Robert Alan Cartwright was born on June 10th, 1946, in Baker Oregon.  He grew up in Weatherby Oregon with his parents Richard and Inez Cartwright and his sister Linda E. Smith.  He had an active childhood, playing basketball, football, racing motorcycles, and playing music.  Bob attended Treasure Valley Community College in Ontario Oregon.  Bob played college football and began his lifelong passion for flying by designing, building, and crashing a homemade gyrocopter. In College, Bob also met the love of his life, Carolyn Jones.  Bob transferred from Treasure Valley to Oregon State University.  At Oregon State, Bob joined the TKE fraternity, started a band called Fifth Row Bac, spent quality time with Carolyn, and sometimes even studied.  Bob and Carolyn were married on August 31st, 1968.  In 1968 Bob joined the army and worked as an aircraft mechanic in Vietnam.  Upon his return, his daughter Marci was born in 1971.  Bob continued his education at Oregon State where he graduated as a mechanical engineer.  Bob, Carolyn, and Marci moved to Omaha Nebraska where he began work for Union Pacific.  After several relocations they ended up back in Omaha where he and Carolyn stayed and raised their family.  Their son Michael was born in 1976.  Bob and Carolyn purchased a home next to the Millard airport so Bob could fly whenever the skies were blue.  Bob, Carolyn, Marci, and Mike flew many times from Omaha to Oregon to visit family and friends.  In 1983, Bob received his MBA and was soon promoted to Director of the Union Pacific Research and Development Lab.  During his tenure at Union Pacific, he helped investigate derailments, wrote regulations for railroad car designs, and established the use of double stacker railroad cars.  He traveled the globe to inspect railroad car manufacturing and was even named president of the Locomotive Maintenance Officers Association.  Bob retired in 2000 but continued to consult up until 2021.  Bob has three grandchildren, Alexander, Jane, and Jillian Anderson whom he adored.  Bob seemed to always keep himself busy with hobbies: flying model airplanes, brewing beer, flying his Navion, riding motorcycles, racing bicycles, and even building a complete RV-7 airplane in his basement.  Throughout his life, Bob worked hard, enjoyed flying, and loved his family.  He was a leader, mentor, and friend to many.  He was a professional engineer, the treasurer of the Experimental Aircraft Association, and a volunteer for Young Eagles.  He had a true passion for life and flying, and he will be truly missed.

Memorial Service:  Thursday, June 17th, 1PM at West Center Chapel with full military honors

Private Interment

Memorials may be directed to the family