Tyler James Bain

Tyler James Bain

February 15, 1989 – September 28, 2022

Tyler James Bain was born a badass on February 15, 1989, in Norfolk, Nebraska to Sue and Jim Bain. After a long battle with a nasty brain cancer diagnosis at the age of 33, Tyler passed away on September 28, 2022, as a damn legend.

He was a sweet, curious, and active young boy who would grow up to have a magnetic, genuine personality and a witty, sarcastic sense of humor. In high school, he made lifelong friends on the football field, at the racetrack, and anywhere he could find small town shenanigans. He graduated from Stanton High School in 2007.

Immediately following graduation, Tyler attended the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and would later graduate from The University of Nebraska at Kearney in 2012 with a Bachelor’s in Industrial Distribution. During his tenure as a college student, Tyler’s charismatic and adoring personality acquired even more lifelong friends. Work took him to Philadelphia, Minneapolis, Chicago and back to Omaha where he would meet his future wife, Bree, over a plate of fries.

In 2017, Tyler was diagnosed with stage 4 Glioblastoma, a rare and aggressive form of brain cancer. He underwent surgery, radiation, and a grueling 15 months of chemotherapy before the cancer was no longer detected on MRI scans. This experience pushed him to live life even bigger – so Tyler and Bree moved to Colorado and enjoyed many concerts, explored the mountains, drank limitless craft beer, and yes – made even more lifelong friends. Tyler traveled to three countries and explored the US, jumped out of an airplane, drove a Lamborghini on a racetrack, and continued his education.

An even bigger adventure began in 2019 when the pair got engaged and later married on August 9, 2020. They made vows on the top of a mountain surrounded by friends and family – and a week later had the surprise of a lifetime. Bree was pregnant with a baby girl.

Five months into the pregnancy, Tyler was informed that his cancer had returned. With a daughter on the way, he picked up his dukes and got ready to fight again. His greatest pride and love in life, Brooklyn Kay Bain, was born on March 30, 2021 – two months later, the small family moved back to Nebraska to be close to loved ones and Tyler focused all of his energy on being an amazing, loving dad. Despite battling painful, exhausting symptoms of brain cancer, he was up late nights and early mornings with a warm bottle and a smile for Brooklyn – he was made for the dad role.

Tyler was only here for 33 years but accomplished a lot in such a short time. He was a loyal friend that would show up the moment you called and give advice when you needed it. He was encouraging, supportive, bluntly honest in a loving way, and could make you laugh until you cried. He planned big trips with friends and would never say no to quality time when invited.

Tyler grew to be a fine example of a loyal and loving man, whose parents couldn’t be any prouder. He surpassed any goal set and would tackle every obstacle. Tyler was the husband who would crack a joke during the hard times, pull together thoughtful and romantic surprises, plan memorable trips, and so much more. He wanted the best for his family and never made a decision without considering what would be best for the people around him.

Tyler was the father that pushed through the pain of cancer treatments to get up early and mix Brooklyn’s favorite blueberry pancakes. He would get on the floor to play with Brooklyn and was overjoyed when her first word was daddy.

Tyler walked into many people’s lives – and he never walked out. In just 33 years, he created a beautiful family and a massive community. He has lived big and inspired others around him to have an endearing, fighting spirit – and maybe a touch of sass.

Tyler is survived by his wife Bree Bain; daughter, Brooklyn Bain; parents, Sue & Jim Bain; brother, Brett (Angela) Buske and their children, Bronson and Alaina; grandmother, Patty Trode; aunt, Rhonda (Bruce) Geffre and their children, Natasha (Jerry) Radtke,  Brandon (Katyln) Geffre, and their five grandchildren; uncle, Dave Bain and his children: Morgan, Zach and Jake; uncle, John Bain and his children: Tyler, Derek and Ryan; aunt, Brenda (Darrin) Dykstra and their children, Aiden and Madison; honorary brothers: Taylor Caldwell, Kelby Seyl, Ross Johnson, Robbie Johnson, Colby Henderson, Jered Kohl, Ethan Weber, Michael Bellar, Austin Johnson, and Grahm Talbitzer; and the many friends who he adored like family.

A CELEBRATION OF LIFE will be held on Friday, October 21, 2022 at 1:00pm at Life.Church, 20710 Gold Circle in Elkhorn, Nebraska. A reception will follow at DC Centre, 11830 Stonegate Drive in Omaha at 3:00pm.

In lieu of flowers, the family of Tyler Bain asks that friends and family donate toys that can be donated to the Children’s Hospital Oncology Department and other foundations on his behalf. Toys may be brought to the reception and car-themed is strongly encouraged.

If you wish to support the family, there is a GoFundMe under “The Bain Family” title.

Stories for Brooklyn: We ask that everyone that knew our beloved Tyler to submit a story, pictures or videos of him. We’ll be compiling the stories for Brooklyn so she’ll always be able to have stories that he would have told her in later years. You may bring written stories and photos to the reception or email them to Stories4Brooklyn@gmail.com.

We love you and will miss you dearly, Tyler.



  • Austin Johnson Posted September 30, 2022 2:00 pm

    Great friend. Miss ya Bain! Won’t be able to look at a hot rod, model car, or RC car and not remember you for the rest of my days bud!

  • Mark & Cindy Stovie Posted September 30, 2022 2:01 pm

    We are so very sorry for your loss and are here for you if you need anything.

  • howard schmidt Posted September 30, 2022 2:35 pm

    Hi Bree, I am truly sorry to hear about the passing of Tyler. I know you and Brooklyn will keep his spirt alive and well. Know that our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. Howard

  • Terri Johnson Posted September 30, 2022 2:48 pm

    Where to begin, I’ve known Bain since he was a little boy hanging out with my boys, and continued in to their adult lives through weddings and babies. He was always there as a great friend for them to call for advice anytime and just to hang out and enjoy life. He always had a smile and usually a joke right up to the end of his days. He just amazed me with his strength and determination. I was lucky to be with him the last few months to help out. Will never forget some of the funny moments as “Barbie Girl” will forever remind me of you Bain 😊 God bless Bree, Brooklyn, Sue, Jim and Brett and all the family. Bree you and Sue have amazing strength and courage as well as your family members that were there. Tyler will be watching over you all ❤️
    So glad I knew Tyler he touched so many lives including my whole family. We will never forget you Bain!
    Love Terrance and Brad ❤️❤️

  • Beverly Upham Posted September 30, 2022 3:56 pm

    Tyler lived large. I only met him over one weekend but he has been an inspiration. Bree you are the perfect match for Tyler. The way you have walked along side Tyler on this journey is incredible. As your journey continues you will not walk alone.

  • Ed Robb Posted September 30, 2022 4:03 pm

    I spent three days in the mountains with Tyler. He finished chemo the night before yet bounded up the mountain. What a joy to have had that chance to meet him and enjoy his company, if for that short time. He had all the best qualities of mankind. May your spirit soar, Tyler.

  • Robert and Sandy Emmerson Posted September 30, 2022 4:47 pm

    I worked closely with Tyler at Hydraforce, what big positive joy it was. God needs to stock up on wonderful souls to fill he’s angelic needs and Tyler will be a great one. He will be with us always.

  • Leon Chatham Posted October 1, 2022 3:40 am

    Sue sorry for your loss. May the LORD be with you and your family in your time of need. Sue didn’t get to meet your son in person but talking to you I got to know him.

  • Mike & Lynn Burns Posted October 1, 2022 7:02 pm

    So very sorry for your loss. Sending prayers to you, Brooklyn and all the family. 🙏🏻💕

  • Charlene Massey Posted October 5, 2022 12:13 pm

    Bree, I am so sorry for your loss of Tyler. I wish you and his entire family peace and hope the wonderful memories you have will bring comfort through this sad time.

  • Holly Lane – Lyle Williams, Idaho Posted October 5, 2022 4:48 pm

    I had the pleasure of working with Tyler and the best products in the electrical industry, Caddy Fasteners.
    I will definately miss working with him! I wish his wife and new baby daughter well. Tyler spoke of you both often even when we were discussing work!
    My prayers are with you!
    Holly Lane – Lyle Williams, Idaho

  • Tony Rowe Posted October 7, 2022 1:25 pm

    Bree words cannot express my sorrow for you and the entire Bain family. Your summary of Tyler’s life was beautiful. Many years ago, I found inner peace with the believe and understanding that the good Lord has a plan. It never makes sense while you are going thru challenges but down the road his purpose is revealed. God must have an important job that only he can do. Tyler was a great man and will be missed by many.

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